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GBG Mumbai is organising Startup Marketing Fest (SMF) 2017 during first week of June. This year, we have forged special partnership with Google India to organise a day long program to help you monetise your apps using Google AdMob. 
Signup if you have a b2c app, content/entertainment app or game apps. 
in partnership with Zone Startups India 
Quick agenda:
  • Hands-on sessions and talks about monetization and earning revenue.
  • How to deploy it, optimise for better eCPM, Mediation, etc.,


  • Anand Dubey and Shefali Arora – Google India
Limited seats. Apply now and await for confirmation.


google cloud event

Getting started on Google Cloud – Event on 18th March

The Google Cloud Next event held earlier this month at San Francisco saw over 100 new announcements! Check out the super fast edit under five minutes here.

This month, we are organizing an event for helping startups in Mumbai to get a introduction on what’s Google Cloud, what’s new, how can you build your product on Google Cloud and what are the advantages you can get.

Speakers include a Google Expert and a successful startup who’s building on cloud.

Register now for free. Limited seats.

Date & Time: Saturday, March 18th. 3pm to 5pm

Venue: Zone Startups, 18th Floor, Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai

#Gday16 Agenda and Startups list

Google Day is happening on Dec 17th 2016. The agenda is true to the theme we promised – Tech Carnival.

Here’s the agenda for the day and list of startups from hottest areas of technologies who’ll be giving live demonstrations.


Time Topic Speakers
9am Registrations & Selfies
10am Welcome note Sreeraman Thiagarajan, Chapter manager, GBG Mumbai
10.30am Keynote Address Gulzar Azad, Country Head – Connectivity at Google India
11am Will Skynet ever be real? Dr N R S Raghavan, Global Chief Data Scientist at Infosys
11.30am Day in the life of a Venture Capitalist. What does a VC do after writing a few cheques Adhiraj Banerjee, Executive Director – IvyCap Ventures
12pm Demo booths open (scroll down to see the startups list)
1pm Lunch counter opens
2.30pm Demo booths & Lunch counter closes
2.35pm Panel talk:
Founder’s tales – What is it to live with an entrepreneur spouse?
Bhageswari Sreeraman, Lika Jain, Foram Dhruve, Vishal Soni, and Moderator by Tanish Thakker
3pm Reimagining the future with VR Moshin Memon, CEO – Memcorp Immersive Learning
3.30pm Startup comedy – state of the union Ajeet Khuranna, Angel Investor & Startup Guru
4:05 PM Special mentoring session for participating startups (Closed door event)


Our hand curated list of participating startups at the demo booths.


Name of Startup Nature of technology Brief Summary
Actofit Wearables IOT, wearable Wearable device for comprehensive data for athletes and fitness enthusiasts
AutoTranz IOT AutoTranz makes your car smarter and securer.Seamlessly connect to your car and transform it into a smart car, in an instant.
BleeTech Innovations Haptic Technology, AI / Machine Learning Blee is a wearable band for deaf and hard of hearing individuals
Cutting Chai Technologies IOT, VR/AR Ohai app connects you with other users in proximity, in a serendipitous almost magical way
Ekraft BLE / Gaming Digi dice is an Bluetooth enabled Smart dice which communicates with your Smart phone
Enverde Urban Farming Self-reliance through Urban Farming.
Demo of Altifarm unit with Self-watering and Growlight system for Urban dwellers to grow their own nutritious food at home with minimal effort.
Faclon Labs IOT, Cloud / SaaS Equitable water distribution through advanced technology
FT Cash Fintech FTcash is a fast growing financial technology company which aims to empower micro-merchants and entrepreneurs with the power of electronic payments and loans with zero upfront cost and no monthly rentals
Gocollab Cloud / SaaS An innovative way to enhance work culture
Indus OS Language Technologies Operating System for India across 12 native languages
IntuitThings IOT / Home Automation Home automation products that are high on tech and low on costs. Chatbot, AI / Machine Learning Powerful Social media POS for Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp Sellers
LiftO Travel LiftO lets you share your ride with fellow professionals in a completely flexible and convenient way. Trusted and secure,
mCanvas VR/AR, Haptic Technology, Advertising It’s a platform that delivers highly engaging mobile creative (rich media and video) on top rated content websites in India through an invite-only publisher marketplace.
Memcorp Immersive Learning VR/AR VR Technologies for immersive learning
Oizom Instruments Smart city We are an environment big-data company. We monitor environment and make it understandable. VR/AR Providing end to end solutions in VR/AR
PGI Online Solutions B2B2C payment hub B2B Payment Hub for Retailers (RE’s) to offer services to their customers on real time.
Phynart IOT / Smart Home We at Phynart are building the future in the field of Home Automation.
Piconergy Social Enterprise – cleantech Piconergy exists to address the pressing issue of energy poverty in rural and urban India.
Project Mudra Hardware Ed-tech Project Mudra puts Braille within reach of all visually impaired people.
Quidich Drone Working at the cutting-edge of aerial technology we provide tailor-made solutions for your business needs.
Quifers Logistics Cloud based enterprise solution that helps businesses manage and optimize their logistics
Robolab Robotics Perfect platform to learn and build robots
Sahas 3D 3D Printing, Bio technology 3D printing and services
SoundRex Sound technology. Wearable SoundRex opens up a completely new dimension of creativity for artists and sound engineers to interact and create experiences for their fans! ChatBots / AI SuperFan Bot Demonstration
TypeLead Language Technologies First of its kind industry-grade programming language of India called the Eta.
underDOGS Gaming Studio 3D Game Game servicing studio
vPhrase AI / Machine Learning We are revolutionising the way insights are communicated from data.
Zabuza Labs Gaming Immersive gaming experiences

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Success stories 2016 – #GBGStories16

Hi There,
Announcing GBG Stories Search 2016, an exclusive opportunity for GBG Mumbai members to share their startup story and win a trip to Google’s head office at California.
What is it?
Tell us your story in 200 to 500 simple words. Do cover the following:
  • What inspired you to start-up?
  • What is your startup doing? how is it helping customers
  • What are the Google technologies you are using in your startup (APIs, Android, Maps, AdWords, Analytics, etc.,)

Sample case studies from 2014

Out of 13 storied Mumbai submitted, Two made it to semifinals and one to final. These are currently hosted on Google’s global website.
  1. IA Project
  2. Parinita
  3. Safecity  (final 10)
What next?
Please create a Shared Document on Google Docs, Type your story and provide link here for us to review/edit and suggest changes.
We will happy to assist you in helping your stories.
Deadline. 24th June 2016
Question? email us at [email protected]

Hangout on Air with Google India for Google My Business – Sep 5th, 3:00 to 4:30 PM

Here’s a chance for GBG Mumbai members to interact with Google India over a Hangout on Air to know about ‘Google My Business

Ever wondered how Google is able to find a restaurant or a hotel near your place? Do you want to learn how can you get online presence like Samarkand, Bangalore ( or help other businesses to get online without much efforts across all devices on Google Maps, Search and Google+.

Google My Business ( )  is the fast and easy way for businesses to manage their online presence with Google. It is an unified way to get connected with customers, whether they’re looking on Search, Maps or Google+ through desktop or mobile.

Why is Google My Business team doing this Hangout?

One of the mission of Google My Business is to educate merchants and users about the best practices to get the business online and make them aware about the policies which can lead to the suspension of a business from Google.

Agenda of the Hangout

  • Overview of Google My Business in India

  • Benefits of getting verified on Google My Business

  • Methodology to create and manage the business (even if you have multiple number of businesses)

  • Best Practices and Google My Business Policies with detailed case studies

  • Questions and Answers

How to join the Hangout?

Just click this link and click ‘Yes’ under the ‘Are you going to watch’

The idea is to spend bulk of the time on “Best Practices and Google My Business Policies with detailed case studies” section

Format and Date of the Hangout

  • Intended Audience: All members of GBG who would like to know about Google My Business.

  • Date: Saturday, September 5, 2015

  • Time: 3:00 – 4:30PM

  • Interactive hangout session followed by Questions and Answers

Questions Form:

You can submit your questions through the form below by Friday, September 4th, 2015


EVENT: June 27th. Key learning from Google I/O and what that means for your startup

Google I/O 2015, one of the most coveted developer conference was held at San Francisco during the last week of May. I was fortunate to be there in person to attend the two day long, packed, fun and exhaustive series of sessions including the keynote talk.

A ton of new announcements were made including Android M preview, Brillo – an operating system for internet of things (IOT), Google Photos, Cardboard 2.0, Android Pay, etc.,

Back home, it is only fair as a chapter manager to pass on the learning to the entrepreneur and startups community, hence, a special event this weekend to interact with you all and share key information that may add value to your business.

We also have a guest speaker: Shashank Chinchli, who’ll give a detailed perspective about Android M and what it means to both,  entrepreneurs and developers.

Do register and join us (entrey free) on Saturday, 27th June. 4pm to 6pm at

Thadomal Shahani Centre For Management (TSCFM),

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Search Ranking Changes by Google, What you have to do?

Google recently started displaying ‘Mobile Friendly ‘ on search results and this update means you have to optimize your website for easy access from mobile phones. See the announcement here

We recently received an update from Google’s search team about the entire roll-out process and it is called as #MobileMadness. Here’s a list of things for you to know more about the search ranking changes by Google and successfully make your website mobile friendly.


We Hope this helps you in better SEO efforts for your website. Do share this page (click on the twitter logo) and make the web a mobile friendly place. Tweet: SEO update from Google Search team to make your website mobile-friendly. #MobileMadness


Travel the world with Google Translate

The all new Google Translate app for your Android and iPhone can make a traveling even more easy and exciting in terms of discovering places, connecting with people, understanding local language and more importantly context.

Whether you are at a restaurant in France ordering coffee or trying to decipher a sign board at Rio de Janeiro, the new Google Translate app will do it all for you.

google-translate-language-gbg order coffee in french using google translate

Key Features:

  • Offline: Having this app means you have a personal translator in your pocket whether or not you are connected to internet.
  • Mobile, Tablet or Desktop: Whether you are using Translate for serious work or casual conversations, it does it all for you across devices
  • Multiple Input Mechanism: You can write, speak, scribble or click a picture and get it translated

Translate Tools for Business:

  • Free Website Translator: For a lightweight, straight-forward option, check out our Website Translator tool. It’s free to use and easy to set up. Know more
  • Translate API: Google also has a more robust paid offering. The Translate API can be used to power web apps, as well as translate website content. Know more

What more? If you speak more than one language? then consider contributing to make the Translate app better.

Download the all new Google Translate app here Android | iPhone and explore the world.

google-india-search-trends-2014-salman khan-sunny leone

2013 vs. 2014 – What does the changing pattern in Google Search Trends indicate?

Google gets over 38,000 search queries per minute. Annually, billions of searches originate from India, what can one learn from the top charts comprised based on what 300 million online Indian searched?

Here are the essentials of 2014: Most ‘Trending’ search terms, Most ‘Searched’ term, and Most searched ‘People’ compared with the trends of 2013.

google-india-search trends-2013-vs-2014


A quick glance tell us that IRCTC is the most searched term for both 2014 & 2013, What does this mean? A ‘search’ can be classified into 3 categories, they are ‘know’ (look for information), ‘do’ (an action, like download) and ‘go’ (visit a URL). Since IRCTC is household name, its safe to assume that people searched with ‘go’ intent to visit the URL; but were comfortable searching for it and then clicking the link from Google’s search results than typing the URL directly. Same goes for SBI Online and HDFC Netbanking, Perhaps no one wants to type in a wrong URL and pay a price by being victim of phishing! So, these brands are definitely on top of Indian minds, its just URLs that are not.

For a marketer, this also means that people are now transacting online and increasingly using online banking, this is a huge and positive change that indicates the reduced level of skepticism in opening up their wallets online.

Its good to see Flipkart and Snapdeal on top, this year has been great for Indian ecommerce industry. While Flipkart & OLX made it to the top list last year too, its Snapdeal that’s new.

In terms of most trending keywords, Election beats everything, thanks to a involved nation. FIFA triumphed over IPL.

The debut of a high ranking iPhone6 indicates how obsessed we are with new gadgets or is it its large screen? last year we had Samsung S4 in top searched phone category, while for this year it is a humble Moto G that has topped the chart.

Sunny Leone reigns supremacy as the most searched person. Poonam Pandey has moved up a rung in the popular people ladder, voyeurism wont fade, so does the maxim ‘skin sells’

Its entertainment, entertainment, entertainment

With 4 movies and 7 film stars across the lists, Lets cite Vidya Balan’s from Dirty Picture here. Its entertainment all the way and it gets accentuated on the internet pretty deeply. If you compare the Indian trends to Worldwide trends, then Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian & Julie Gayet are the top 3 people searched for. The web is what you make of it, for many people, its for entertaining them, whether through cat pictures or film starts, the theme remains.

What can we infer from ‘Google Translate‘ being on the top chart? Lets not disregard the fact that in India, English is not the only language. Because someone has access to internet doesnt mean they are comfortable in English. (vernacular newspaper have an estimated reach of 438 million Vs. 40 million reach of English newspaper). It is also interesting to note that Govt of India is likely to collaborate with Google for integrating Indian Languages Virtual Keyboard on Android soon. Brands that can embrace this will have significant amount of new customers coming their way.

Virat Kohli is the only sports person in the list (phew), and Honey Singh is no longer searched for (sigh).

SSC is out of list, maybe people now want job in startups?

And finally, our PM, NaMo makes his mark twice across the lists, once in trending & once in people; but only to trail behind Sunny.

Lets hope for a a great 2015!


Prepare to get Inspired! Here’s the agenda for Google Day on Dec 13th

11 speakers from various walks of life with different expertise and great point of view are here to Inspire entrepreneurs of Mumbai to go the distance. We also have 4 interesting startups doing the Lightning Talks followed by an Open House discussion with 2 Googlers and 2 GBG Mumbai team members.
The lunch and tea is on us, all you have to do is check-in at the venue well on time and get yourself a seat. So brace yourself and get ready to be Inspired.

Spread the word & stay in touch with us using hast tag #GDayXmumbai on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

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We hope you enjoy the sessions, here’s the agenda.

Time Speaker Topic
9.15 am Registrations and Tea
10.00 Sunil Rao, Head of Startup Ecosystem, Google India Keynote address
10.30 Naiyaa Saggi, Co-founder at How to build your business when women are your primary audience
11.00 Sanjay Parekh, Founder, StartupRiot Dream Big
11.30 Jasmeet Gandhi, Umeed 1000 & Microsoft Taking the Plunge
12.00 Satish Kataria, Managing Director, Catapooolt Power your Belief with Crowdfunding
12.30 Sreeraman Thiagarajan, Chapter Manager, GBG Mumbai Going beyond price wars, How to build a real ecommerce brand
1.00 Lunch
1.45 Paul Ravindranath, Program Manager, Startup Ecosystem, Google India The significance of communities in startup ecosystem
2.00 Ruchika Gupta, Art for Akanksha Using web technologies to empower economically weaker section
2.30 ElsaMarie, Co-founder, The web is what you make of it
3.00 Tea Break
3.30 Lightning Talks
4.00 Romin Irani, Google Developer Expert How to be business ready for wearables
4.30 Rohan Mirchandani, CEO, Hokey Pokey Ice creams Applying technology in non-tech startups
5.00 pm Session Moderated by Hardik Shah, Core Team, GBG Mumbai Open house with Sunil Rao, Paul Ravindranath and Sreeraman Thiagarajan

VenueHarkisan Mehta Institute of Journalism, Mithibai College Campus, Vile Parle, Mumbai. (Look for Gate 2, and then reach 1st floor, Seminar Hall)

The registrations closes on the night of Dec 10th.