Welcome to GBG Women – Mumbai

GBG Women, formerly know as WOW (Women On the Web) is an active division of GBG Mumbai that aims to help every women – entrepreneurs, mommy bloggers, SMEs, professionals or even home makers to start using internet and web technologies to their professional advancement.


GBG Women isn’t a separate community, but it is a group of people within the GBG passionate about women in technology

Our motto is to “Use Technology for Business Success”, we achieve this by conducting free events, workshops, seminars, conferences and day long sessions where experts speakers simplify the learning process of using technology to get your business online, advertising on the web, social media marketing and more.

GBG Women – Mumbai has a woman leader – Jasmine Pereira, who dedicatedly works towards to increasing women’s participation in the community activities of Google Business Group – Mumbai.

You can join GBG Women by simply leaving your details in the form below.

It is Free of cost to join and attend GBG events and meetings!