About GBG Mumbai

Google Business Group (GBG) – Mumbai strives to be a single ‘go to’ point for startups and entrepreneurs of Mumbai.

We are a team of 10 passionate people committed to create a vibrant ecosystem for small and medium businesses. Since our inception in March of 2013, we have grown to have built a community of over 4700 like minded people.

The Web is what you make of it: We believe web technologies are the means to reach business success in this century. The examples are in thousands and right around us. Look at companies like Uber, AirBnB, FoodPanda, Khan Academy. Each one of them has embraced web technology like Google Maps, YouTube and Android to disrupt their respective category and achieve exponential business success.

In the age of connected world, knowledge & reach are key drivers of economy; it doesn’t matter whether you are at located at Kandivali or California. The power of web can enable you to serve global clientele.

What we do: Being a community that loves startups, have always been around to help entrepreneurs grow their business through every feasible means possible by us – 1on1 Mentoring, Knowledge sharing, Networking, Help in hiring, UI/UX review, Market Testing and more…

We organize free seminars, workshops all around the year, our speakers are subject matter experts who provide value to the participants. We had a VC talk about fundraising, an entrepreneur talk about setting up ecommerce and breakeven without external funding, Googlers talk about SEO, Expert Developer talk about Wearable, Fashion and Food blogggers talk about making YouTube & Blogger work for you and so on. We also have a dedicated initiative to help women entrepreneurs

We have shared our stage with worthy startups to pitch their business to our audience through lightning talks; many times, we have helped entrepreneurs at grassroots level such as setting up their AdWords account to interpreting their Google Analytics reports.

How we can help you: You can choose to be part of one or all of our initiatives.

  • Join our community & attend our events (Its free of cost): Once you join us, you will receive event invitations and updates that matters to you.
  • Present a Lightning Pitch about your startup at one of monthly or fortnightly events. This is useful for early stage startups who are looking at validating their idea or to gain initial market traction.
  • Shoutouts: You can blog about your business or an idea on our site & we can promote it across our social media pages.
  • Share your success story with the community and inspire others, This is suitable for startups that have already seen some market traction.
  • If you good at a topic that will help other startups, then you can be a speaker at our events and give back to the community. (topics can be across verticals – technology, funding, finance, UI/UX, scaling, marketing, etc.,)
  • Global reach and market testing: Want to check if your business will work well in Singapore? Uganda? USA? no problem, we can help you reach a GBG chapter across 31 countries.
  • 1on1 Mentoring: Need guidance on a specific problem area in running your startup / small business? then we may meet you over a cup of coffee and help you. (some of the area are web technology, mobile apps, business scaling, funding, finance, hiring, business modeling, marketing)
  • Partner with us: Join hands with us or invite us for another events where we can work together.


You can reach us at [email protected] to discuss about any of the above initiatives or maybe explore more!

Sreeraman Thiagarajan

Chapter Manager, GBG Mumbai

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Disclaimer: GBG is entirely independent from Google, the corporation. See more details on Google’s global portal