Search Ranking Changes by Google, What you have to do?

Google recently started displaying ‘Mobile Friendly ‘ on search results and this update means you have to optimize your website for easy access from mobile phones. See the announcement here

We recently received an update from Google’s search team about the entire roll-out process and it is called as #MobileMadness. Here’s a list of things for you to know more about the search ranking changes by Google and successfully make your website mobile friendly.


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Event by Google – Hangout for Webmaster – Helping users find mobile-friendly pages

Google recently announced how they are making website more mobile friendly, read the post here
To help website owners / webmaster The Google Search Quality team is doing a ‘Site Clinic’ to help Indian webmasters understand what they can improve on their websites in terms of mobile-friendliness.
If you don’t already know, in a Site Clinic the team takes a close look at the participants’ websites and points out specific issues that can be fixed. This Site Clinic is going to be over Hangouts-on-Air and focused around mobile related search issues.
You can encourage our communities to submit their website here or scroll down to fill the form if you want the Search Quality team to take a look at it.
Last date to submit is Thur, Nov 27.
Below are more details about the hangout:
When: Dec 4, 2014
Where: Over hangouts on Air (Link will be shared just before the event)
Time: 3:00 to 4:00 PM
Note: Since it will not be possible to discuss every individual website submitted, we’ll summarize the common issues observed among all the participants’ websites. However, we may pick some examples and point those out on specific websites if required.

This is a event conducted by Google, for queries reach Mr, Nitesh from Google here


Review: All about Android Lollipop

Google’s latest Android operating system ‘Lollipop’ is being rolled out today to an array of devices including Nexus and Motorola. Google I/O 2014 saw Google’s SVP of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai, announcing the Android L (now named as Lollipop) along with ‘Material design’ and the launch of 5000 APIs for developers.

Now that we are finally ready for the sweat treat of Lollipop, lets see what it has in store for us that makes life indeed better.

  • Great UI: Material Design is brilliant interface through fluid tactile surfaces, bold graphic design, fluid motion, if this sounds too jargonish, just think of Material Design as a digital version of paper & pen, that’s how real it gets.
  • Try this sample game to experience the difference.
Android Lollipop - Material Design
Material Design in action
  • Material Design focuses on the fundamentals of good graphic design, using strong colors and bold typography to create clear hierarchy and focus attention on content, so reading and using your device running Lollipop is going to be more engaging experience.
  • Continuity on multiscreen: You can now pick up tasks from where you left off across Android devices! Songs, photos, search..can be immediately accessed from another device running Android.
  • Multiple Device Compatibility: Android Lollipop is built to work across not just mobile and tablets, but across Car, Wear, TV. It has been designed just for you, based on what you need and when you need an information with the right context.
Android Powers Multiple screen, including a Car!
Android Powers Multiple screen, including a Car!


  • Better Camera functions: Lollipop makes way to support camera features like burst mode and fine settings tuning. it will also enable options to capture full resolution frames (30fps) and shoot in raw formats like YUV and Bayer RAW.
  • Better Battery: The announcement of Project Volta during I/O 14 paved way for developers to be more cognizant of how apps drain battery, this obviously has lead to Lollipop promising better battery life. Plus, the new runtime called ART is also meant to make the devices more efficient, faster and still conserve battery.
  • Improved Security and guest mode: No more worrying of someone swiping your picture gallery and ‘accidentally’ seeing your personal clicks. Lollipop has guest mode that takes care of this problem, besides, there’s Android Smart Lock to secure your phone or tablet by pairing it with a trusted device like your wearable or car. Google has enforced the SELinux security module for all apps to give better protection against vulnerabilities and malware.
  • Notification reimagined: This is really convenient, now you can view and respond to messages directly from lock screen, choose to hide notifications for private or sensitive content. Notification control has very advanced options for avoiding interruptions while playing games or watching a video!
Enhanced notifications with better control - Android lollipop
Enhanced notifications with better control
  • Better use of NFC: If you are switching / upgrading between Android devices such as phones or tablets, then the NFC lets you tap and setup your new devices instantly including apps from your Google Play.
  • All your favorite apps, now with a great new look: The Wall Street Journal, Tumblr and BuzzFeed have already upgraded to material design. Its only a matter of time until all of the apps move to the new design format.
Apps on Material Design
  • Google’s own apps reimagined: Email goes ‘inbox’, Calendar gets material design, Gmail 5.0, Google Fit, many more to come. The rise of Android and the introduction of Material Design is making our life seamless and has added more purpose to having multiple connected devices.
Inbox by Google using Material Design

So what are you waiting for? Let the world’s most favorite operating system delight you. Check for an upgrade on your phone now!

A Happy & Sweet Lollipop to you!


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AdWords Certification Workshop for IIM & IIT Indore by GBG Mumbai

GBG Mumbai in association with GSC of IIM & IIT Indore is conducting a day long workshop leading to certification in Google AdWords & Digital Marketing.

AdWords certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords.

This program is currently exclusive for students of IIM & IIT Indore.

AdWords Workshop conducted by Sreeraman, Chapter Manager of GBG Mumbai
AdWords Workshop conducted by Sreeraman, Chapter Manager of GBG Mumbai


Everything you wanted to know about Android One

Sundar Pichai, was in India today to launch Android One.

If you are reading this blog from your smartphone, you are not the intended customer for Google to buy Android One. They have a big purpose behind this epic launch, This is Google’s move towards empowering millions of people with the power of Internet to stay connected.

That being said, Sundar  Pichai unveiled the first set of low-cost smartphones for the Indian markets, the three brands currently are Spice, Micromax and Karbonn. You can buy this online on Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal and via Reliance Digital, Croma and The Mobile Store, offline.

It has got the latest features, your favorite apps, and enough free data to get you started, here’ everything you need to know:

  • Runs the latest version of Android (4.4 KitKat)
  • Automatically gets the new operating system soon after it’s released for up to 2 years
  • Helpful innovations like voice commands and clever engineering help your phone run faster, last longer, and take more stunning photos.
  • Start with a fresh home screen and customize it with your favorite Android Apps and wallpaper to make it exactly the way you want it.
  • Unlock your phone with a password, pattern, or even using the image of your face. If you lose your phone, you can find it, lock it, or delete your content remotely using Android Device Manager.
  • Free Android updates and app downloads (when using an Airtel SIM card*
  • Enjoy popular publications with a free 12 month subscription on Newsstand
  • Watch YouTube videos offline (coming soon)
  • Everything you’d expect from a great smartphone
    • Front and Rear Camera
    • Quad Core Processor
    • Micro SD Card
    • All Day Battery
    • Dual SIM card


You can choose between

  • Karboonn Sparkle V or Micromax Canvas A1 or Spice Dream UNO
  • All the three Handsets have the same configuration and starts at Rs 6,399/-
    • 4.5” FWVGA display
    • Cortex A7 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor
    • 1GB RAM
    • 4GB storage (expandable up to 32GB)
    • 2x micro SIM
    • Front and rear facing cameras (2MP and 5MP)
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion, 1700mAh
    • Android™ 4.4, KitKat® (and gets the new version soon after it’s released)
    • It will be available in blue, red, white, and grey colours

How are they going to reach the masses? here’s how

A physical demo shop on wheels that will visit more than 200 towns in india


The Bigger Picture

“Knowledge is a game changer. I’ve long been inspired by the Internet and how it opens the doors to opportunity.” Says Sundar Pichai; Android One levels the playing field for everyone who is looking for information through a simple Google Search.

Hence, the seamless upgrade of OS, free data plan through Airtel, free News publications, all of this leading to a better connected world.

More to come (here’s the abstract from Google’s blog)

This is just the beginning of the Android One journey. The first phones, from our hardware partners Micromax, Karbonn, Spice and chipmaker MediaTek, are available starting today in India from leading retailers starting at Rs 6,399. We’re also excited to welcome more partners to the program, including phone manufacturers Acer, Alcatel Onetouch, ASUS, HTC, Intex, Lava, Lenovo, Panasonic, Xolo, and chipmaker Qualcomm. We expect to see even more high-quality, affordable devices with different screen sizes, colors, hardware configurations and customized software experiences. Finally, we plan to expand the Android One program to Indonesia, the Philippines and South Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka) by the end of the year, with more countries to follow in 2015

Sundar Pichai signs off with a very important message that differentiates Google from the rest “Access for access’s sake is not enough. With Android One, we not only want to help people get online, we want to make sure that when they get there, they can tap into the wealth of information and knowledge the web holds for everyone.”

youtube to be available offline in india with save video

Save and Watch Video Offline on YouTube now!

One thing we always wanted on YouTube is a simple function to save our favorite videos, many of us also wished for a even simple feature, to watch a same video again without streaming and buffering.

YouTube has heard us and our wishes are granted. Very soon we will have the option to ‘save’ and ‘re view’ a video without paying for the data.

Here’s the announcement that was made by Ceaser Sengupta today at the launch of AndroidOne. “YouTube is popular here. You watch some videos again and again. How awesome would it be if you could keep watching them again and again without having to pay for data, and take the videos with you wherever you go. Within the coming few weeks, much of YouTube will be available offline in India. This is huge, and our users will really, really like this. You can download a video once, save it to your phone, and watch it again and again,”

We are yet to know the exact dates to start enjoying this feature. In the mean time, how will ads work on the offline/saved videos? We are sure Google will address this creatively using technology.

Now keep calm and await to legally save videos from YouTube…



One on One with Google

Dear Member,

Most of you know that GBG Mumbai is a stand alone initiative and is independent from Google, the corporation. Almost all our events are organized based on our understanding of what suits you the best and hence we conduct events & bring in speakers who are expert in their own domain to help you use technology for business success.

Now, GBG Mumbai brings you a unique chance to take your entrepreneurial venture to the next level; for the first time, here’s a chance to get your start-up mentored by some of the brightest minds from Google through One on One sessions.

This is available exclusively for GBG Mumbai members.

To register yourself for the one on one program, Do fill in the form below and await a response soon.

Note: Filling the form does not automatically qualify you, please await a response from us or Google directly.


Queries? Write to us at [email protected]

get your business online with GBG mumbai women

How to get your business online, the basics of building a website

The most essential digital element to get your business online is a website, but it is also a complicated process if you dont know how to get one. One can sure hire a web developer or agency, but a lot of us do not know how to get the best website designed and developed even at the cost of a web designer. There are far too many components and jargons associated with websites that make it sound very tedious and tiring process.

GBG Women wants to help women entrepreneurs of Mumbai to get their business online through websites, which is a valuable sales aid for their business and growth.

We aim to demystify the jargons, simplify the process of building a website, guide in creating content that is SEO friendly and choosing the right platform for your business such as e-commerce, etc.,

At GBG Women, Mumbai, we have always been around to help you use technology for business success, we love start-ups and SMEs. So, join us to take your business to the next level as we bring to you a interactive and detailed session on ‘How to get your business online, the basics of building a website

Entry: Free and by registration only (scroll down to register)

Event Date and Time: August 9th, Saturday. 4.45pm to 7.00pm 

Address: Seminar Hall, Harkisan Mehta Institute of Journalism, Mithibai College, Vile Parle, Mumbai.

Note: The event is a interactive session tailored to benefit women entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers and SMEs to understand the basics of web design and development. No programming skills or prior knowledge is required. Anyone interested to learn is welcome. We do not plan to cover advanced website topics in this session.

Please come on time.

Cheers and see you on 9th August at 4.45pm

Got any questions? write to [email protected]


Event – The Business of Mobile Apps



When was the last time you used a simple calculator, an alarm or a pocket camera? Chances are slim to none, thanks to our mobile phones and apps, that we no longer need multiple gadgets to perform our everyday tasks.

Smartphones have indeed made a revolution in the last 6 years, now more people connect to the Internet through their phones than through a PC; almost all of us sleep with our phone next to the pillow and wake up to check it first before even brushing teeth. That is the power wielded by App-powered smartphones, which are changing the fundamental way we live, learn, share, connect to people and do business.

Angry Birds, Talking Tom, Candy Crush or Flipboard for browsing or Evernote for taking seamless notes are some of the runaway success stories in the mobile app business, however, India is yet to make its mark in this huge wave of mobile app ecosystem.

GBG Mumbai brings you a unique opportunity to learn the business of mobile apps in terms of ideation, opportunity & prospectus and proven revenue models through our interactive session.

Who should attend? The event is focused for business professionals and entrepreneurs to either build apps for their own brands or start a business of building apps for others as a service. This is a non-technical event.

Entry: Free and by registration. Fill form below or click here.

When & Where: Saturday, 22nd February, 5.30pm to 8.30pm

Venue Partner: SPJIMR, Andheri West, Mumbai Maharashtra 400058

Venue Partner: SPJIMR







Queries? write to us at [email protected]


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