Event: Google #io16 recap on 4th June

This year at Google I/O, there were many firsts; This is Sundar Pichai’s first I/O after he moved up as CEO of Google, the location of I/O moved back to Shoreline Amphitheater which is literally the backyard of Googleplex at Mountain View, California. There was first for GBG Mumbai too, that members (Manan and I) were invited to host a GBG Summit and attend I/O.

There were many more firsts and tons of announcements, exciting new launches and hundreds of API releases. How does it all matter to you and your startup? Join us on 4th June as we do a recap from Google #IO16 and some key takeaways from Google Performance Summit that was held subsequently where new announcements about AdWords and Analytics were made.

Date & Time: June 4th, Saturday. 3pm to 5pm.

Location: Zone Startups, 18th Floor, BSE Building, Dalal Street.

Speakers: Manan Shah, Sreeraman Thiagarajan and Dhananjay Pandit 

Entry: Free. Register here


AdWords Certification Workshop for IIM & IIT Indore by GBG Mumbai

GBG Mumbai in association with GSC of IIM & IIT Indore is conducting a day long workshop leading to certification in Google AdWords & Digital Marketing.

AdWords certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords.

This program is currently exclusive for students of IIM & IIT Indore.

AdWords Workshop conducted by Sreeraman, Chapter Manager of GBG Mumbai
AdWords Workshop conducted by Sreeraman, Chapter Manager of GBG Mumbai


Getting started with e-Commerce – Focus on Women Entrepreneurs

gbg-women-mumbai-ecommerce-eventFor a startup, the world of online sales, whether products or services, can be daunting at first; the options seem confusing and the information conflicted. Too many people advise too many things, there are thousands of choices to get started with ecommerce, you can choose to build your own website or have your product listed on a market place like Flipkart or Amazon.

However, some big questions remain unanswered, do small retailers really stand a chance online? What about these factors that the big guys dont face but startups do?

  • Variety of product choices
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Storage and inventory management
  • Web technologies including server costs, payment options, COD (cash on delivery)

Even if you cross all these hurdles, how do you market your business? Do a prospective customer trust you to open their wallets?

We at GBG Women, Mumbai are here to help you out. We are bringing in experts speakers from the ecommerce domain who will share their entrepreneurial journey on how they got started and how they are profitably sustaining their ecommerce venture.

Whether you are a woman wanting to take the entrepreneur plunge, or a running a business from home (it can be cute candle making or awesome Dhokla recipes), This event is for you! We will be talking about technology and e-commerce in plain simple English so that you can understand, learn and implement.

Date & Time: Saturday, 11th October. 4pm to 6.30pm.

Venue: 8th Floor, Seminar Hall, (MET) Mumbai Educational Trust, Bandra Reclamation Ranwar, Bandra West Mumbai, Maharashtra -400050

Who Should attend: Primarily meant for Women who want to learn the basics; a few good men are allowed 🙂


  • 3.45pm: Registration
  • 4.o0pm: Welcome address by Jasmine Pereira, Lead for GBG Women-Mumbai
  • 4.15pm: Jayanti Gupta, Founder of www.parinita.co.in will share her entrepreneurial journey in ecommerce space.
  • 5.00pm: Harsh Pamnani, formerly Sr. Marketing Manager at FirstCry.com will share ‘how to build a brand among women audience’
  • 5.45pm: Tanul Mishra Founder & CEO, eatopia.in will share and interact about her journey in ecommerce.
  • 6.30pm: Photo session and Networking

Entry free and by registration only, Do sign-up below or click here. Limited seats.

Questions? write to us at [email protected]

google business group - event - ecommerce

Deep Dive into e-Commerce

Did you hear about this, 40,000 units of Xiaomi Redmi 1S smartphones sold in 4.5 secs on Flipkart? Ya, we heard that too and wanted to help our community members to figure how to do cool things like that.

So, here’s our next event, it is all about the big booming eCommerce in India. How to get started, how to optimize your existing store, how to create a fulfillment model that’s efficient and then we added even more interest things like, what is Hybrid Commerce, why should you care to know about it? What roles does vernacular language play in eCommerce?

Get to know it all, we have the best in business as our speakers this time. Sign-up soon, limited seats and entry by Invitation Only

Speaker Profile:

Mr. Rajaiv Prakash (IIM-A, former CEO of futurebazaar.com, currently founder and CEO of Next In Advisory Partners where he helps multiple startups leverage the power of eCommerce)

Mr. Harish Singla (ISB Hyderabad, Director and Co-founder of REIT India, An eCommerce Enabler for Selling Online. REIT India builds connect between Brands/Labels and eCommerce Marketplaces with its professional ‘End2End’ services.

Date: 20th September | Venue & Time: Will announce soon.

Queries? write to us at [email protected]

get your business online with GBG mumbai women

How to get your business online, the basics of building a website

The most essential digital element to get your business online is a website, but it is also a complicated process if you dont know how to get one. One can sure hire a web developer or agency, but a lot of us do not know how to get the best website designed and developed even at the cost of a web designer. There are far too many components and jargons associated with websites that make it sound very tedious and tiring process.

GBG Women wants to help women entrepreneurs of Mumbai to get their business online through websites, which is a valuable sales aid for their business and growth.

We aim to demystify the jargons, simplify the process of building a website, guide in creating content that is SEO friendly and choosing the right platform for your business such as e-commerce, etc.,

At GBG Women, Mumbai, we have always been around to help you use technology for business success, we love start-ups and SMEs. So, join us to take your business to the next level as we bring to you a interactive and detailed session on ‘How to get your business online, the basics of building a website

Entry: Free and by registration only (scroll down to register)

Event Date and Time: August 9th, Saturday. 4.45pm to 7.00pm 

Address: Seminar Hall, Harkisan Mehta Institute of Journalism, Mithibai College, Vile Parle, Mumbai.

Note: The event is a interactive session tailored to benefit women entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers and SMEs to understand the basics of web design and development. No programming skills or prior knowledge is required. Anyone interested to learn is welcome. We do not plan to cover advanced website topics in this session.

Please come on time.

Cheers and see you on 9th August at 4.45pm

Got any questions? write to [email protected]

Event: Learn to use Google Display Network

Whether your business is into making yummy cup cakes or building the next Candy Crush app, you have the constant need to meet the right audience and grow your business by creating awareness and generating leads.

For a start-up, the challenge increases even more, thanks to limited budgets and lack of a full fledged marketing campaigns. So how do you address these challenges?

Google Ads empowers your business with Google Display Network (GDN) which can:

  1. Generate Awareness: by getting your ads in front of consumers, so they can learn about your business as they consider their options. The more that people research in your business category, the more important it is for your products or services to stand out from the crowd.
  2. Increase Sales: by getting your ads on relevant sites and in front of more people, more often, so that when they come to buy, it’s your business that’s top-of-mind.
  3. Drive Loyalty: by re-engaging interested consumers. Target your ads to people who have already visited your website, even if they didn’t buy anything. Reminding them of your business is likely to bring them back to your website again and keep your business top-of-mind.

At GBG Mumbai, we have always been around to help you use technology for business success, we love start-ups and SMEs. So, join us to take your business to the next level as we bring to you a interactive and detailed session on GDN.

Entry: Free and by registration only (scroll down to register)

Event Date and Time: July 19th, Saturday. 4.00pm to 6.30pm 

Address: Seminar Hall, Harkisan Mehta Institute of Journalism, Mithibai College, Vile Parle, Mumbai.





  • 3.45pm to 4.10pm: Registration and Introduction
  • 4.15pm to 4.30pm: Learnings from Google I/O 2014 by Sreeraman Thiagarajan (Chapter Manager)
  • 4.30pm to 6.30pm: Google Display Network Session by Sandiip Porwel (Founder and CEO of Virtual Snipers)
  • 6.30pm onwards: Group photo session and networking break (hot beverages provided)

Note: The event is a interactive session tailored to benefit entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers and SMEs to understand and implement Google Display Network and Google Ads to promote their business No programming skills or prior knowledge is required. Anyone interested to learn is welcome.

Please come on time.

Cheers and see you on 19th July at 3.45pm.

Got any questions? write to [email protected]


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Workshop: Google Custom Search & Webmaster Tools – June 14

So you have a great product line and a website that talks about every detail of your products, but wait, how will a customer search for what he/she is looking for? Is your website’s search function technologically sophisticated enough to index all of your site’s content? and then display accurate results within seconds when searched for?

A great website is only as effective as its search function, give your website the power of Google Custom Search & provide high quality search experience for your users.

What is Google Custom Search?

Google Custom Search enables you to create a search engine for your website, your blog, or a collection of websites. You can configure your engine to search both web pages and images. You can fine-tune the ranking, add your own promotions and customize the look and feel of the search results. You can monetize the search by connecting your engine to your Google AdSense account.

With Google’s custom search, you can tailor the search interaction in your project to your users’ needs, using the same search index technology that powers Google.com, with accurate and blazing fast results.

GBG Mumbai brings you an unique opportunity to learn through an interactive and hands-on workshop on how to get the best for your business website with the use of Google Custom Search in combination with Google Webmaster Tools.

Event Date and Time: June 14th, Saturday. 4.00pm to 6.30pm

Entry: Free and by registration only (scroll down to register)

Address: Seminar Hall, Harkisan Mehta Institute of Journalism, Mithibai College, Vile Parle, Mumbai.


  • 3.45pm to 4.10pm: Registration and Introduction
  • 4.15pm to 4.30pm: Welcome & keynote address by Sreeraman (Chapter Manager)
  • 4.30pm to 5.30pm: Google Custom Search Workshop by Pareen Lathia (Entrepreneur at RedCom & The Alumni Portal)
  • 5.30pm to 6.30pm: Google Webmaster Tools demonstration & implementation workshop by Rushabh Vasa (Entrepreneur at Instinct Media)
  • 6.30pm onwards: Group photo session and networking break (hot beverages provided)

Note: The event is a hands-on workshop tailored to benefit entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers, SMEs and web developers to understand and implement Google Custom Search and Webmaster tools on their website. No programming skills or knowledge is required. Anyone interested to learn is welcome.

Please come on time.

Cheers and see you on 14th at 3.45pm.


Knowledge Series-3. April 19th. YouTube

Lights, Camera, Action!

Our next event is about the most loved offering from Google. We are going to talk all about YouTube in the 3rd  part of our ‘Knowledge Series’

‘YouTube – For Marketing and Monetizing your Videos’

Every minute or by the time this page loaded and you have read this line, over 100 hours of video has been uploaded on YouTube by various sources across distinct genres including TV commercials, music records, TV serials, movies, how-to videos and most importantly user generated content (remember Nyan cat with 100mn views and counting?)

While YouTube worldwide has over 1 billion users, in India its about 80 million users, who spend an great average of 16.4 minutes per visit!

If YouTube is compared to TV, it is the 9th most watched channel (Star TV being the number 1). While these stats continue to position YouTube as an imperative in any brand’s marketing mix, for a few it has been a launch pad of their career and business. However, a few questions always remain unanswered for the rest of us. How to make the best use of it as an advertising channel? how to shoot and edit good videos? and finally, how to make videos go viral?

Be it for growing your business or earning revenues through YouTube. GBG Mumbai brings you two eminent speakers who will interact with you to get the best out of YouTube.

YouTube as a medium to reach your audience – Content creation strategy, tactical ideas to produce content that will garner eyeballs. Also introduction to paid formats of YouTube advertisi
ng – True View ads, Pre Roll ads, Special / Custom Channels, etc

sameer-pitalwalla-gbg-mumbaiSpeaker – Mr. Sameer Pitalwalla

Sameer Pitalwalla is the co-founder and CEO at Culture Machine. Prior to CM, Sameer headed the digital media vertical for Disney UTV, where he created, launched and built their digital video division, including their YouTube, Social Media and Apps presence. During Sameer’s tenure, Disney UTV reached pole position in viewership, engagement and monthly active users across YouTube, Facebook and App Stores respectively, across Asia. Prior to Disney, Sameer created and built the online video and digital celebrity business for The Times Group across it’s Television and Web business. 

YouTube as a medium to host and monetize your content – Best practices on format, video techniques that works best, how to sign-up for YouTube partner program, Ideas to increase views (aka viral) and cross promoting in other platforms and finally a sense of how much revenue one can expect to earn from YouTube.

sherry-gbg-mumbaiSpeaker – Ms. Scherezade Shroff

Model, fashion and beauty blogger Scherezade Shroff has recently launched her new YouTube channel Scherezade Shroff after  gaining 20,000 subscribers in her first year blogging for YouTube channel ‘Fashion Tube’,  making it one of India’s biggest beauty and fashion channels. For the past 10 years she has learnt so much from experimenting with her own looks and watching and learning from beauty professionals during her years as model. Her newly launched channel Scherezade Shroff has  DIY’s, beauty & fashion videos, hair & makeup tutorials and lots of other fun crazy videos! She always says “Have fun with fashion, there are no rules!”

Who should attend? – Entrepreneurs, advertising folks, professionals and aspiring artistes who want to get a better understanding of YouTube.

Why should you attend? – To take away knowledge and thorough understanding of using YouTube to reach audience for marketing + techniques of monetizing on YouTube

When and where – 19th April, Saturday 4pm to 7pm.

Venue: 1st Floor, Harkisan Mehta College of Journalism, Mithibai Campus, Vile Parle, Mumbai.

Entry: Free and by registration. – Fill form below or click here

RSVP – [email protected]


Event: The Business of Blogging – March 29th, Sat

‘All Marketers Are Liars’ said Seth Godin in his bestseller of the same title, but then if you continue reading, he clarifies that great marketers are ones who tell a great story and not necessarily liars.

Marketing is storytelling. He argues, the story of your product, built into your product. The ad might be part of it, the copy might be part of it, but mostly, your product and your service and your people are all part of the story; he concludes by saying ‘Tell it on purpose’

Not always can one say a great story in 140 characters or do justice by couple of visual updates on G+ & Facebook. Thankfully we have a solution for this, Blogs.

What great boon could have the world of marketing and businesses received than the greatest storytelling means called ‘blogs’?

Whether  you want to use blogs FOR promoting your business or take up blogging AS your business, either ways it is integral piece in your content marketing strategy.

This weekend, GBG Mumbai brings you an exclusive event that focuses on ‘The Business of Blogging”. Eminent bloggers and experts are going to engage you and share great success stories along with a quick workshop to set-up your own blog and techniques to monetize it.

Speaker Profiles

  • Blogwati G | Ms. Vinita
  • Bawibride.com | Ms. Perzen Patel
  • WordPress workshop | Alexander Gounder

Who should attend?

SMEs and Business Professionals who want to learn best practices of blogging.

When & Where?

Registration- 5.30pm | Saturday, March 29th

1st Floor, Seminar Hall, HMFIJ, Mithibai College Campus, Vile Parle

How to join

It is free as usual. register below or click here

How Videos Go Viral?

Ever wondered how certain videos go viral? Our guest blogger Vishal Kataria shares some best practices to improve the chances of your video being the next Kolaveri Di or Gangnam Style..read on

The advent of social media has led to increased usage of a word – VIRAL! People, agencies, companies and everyone else want their articles, photos, videos, advertisements, posts, etc. or even products and apps to go viral i.e. be shared hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of times. Most entities push for this achievement by pleading to everyone in all their social media networks to share what they’ve uploaded. Do they succeed? Nada. But some folks do… that too without much effort. Why? How does this happen?

Scott Stratten, founder of Un Marketing, explained the concept of viral content beautifully. Those who haven’t heard it, this is a post for your benefit.GBG-Mumbai-Viral-blog

When a product (or app or song) is launched, or when content for sharing (photo, infographic, video, etc.) is created, the people who share it are often from the first circle. These are people directly associated with the product or campaign. They’re either someone from the team which created it, or are people who share to be in their boss’ good books… so on and so forth. When they share the content, it reaches the second circle or their first circle, which includes their friends and family. Their first circle is not obliged to share it with anyone. However, when the latter does, the content reaches the third circle, which is similar to the first circle of the people associated with the product or content. People in the second circle share it with their family and friends because they genuinely like what they see. Forget the marketing terminology of “adding value” for some time. People share because they want others to see what intrigued, entertained or enraged them. People in the third circle then share it with those in their first circle, and the cycle continues. This leads to a product, photo or video going viral.

Think about it. Isn’t this why Michael Jackson and Metallica produced so many hit songs? Isn’t this why ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’, the Volvo commercial featuring Van Damme and Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ were such hits? And why Felix Baumgartner’s Space Jump was one of the most watched YouTube videos in 2013? And, of course, Justine Sacco’s tweet, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

99.9% of agencies and marketers aiming to produce viral content fail to remember a key aspect – only one factor lures people to share something with others… EMOTION. Liking a Facebook post is one thing, sharing it on their timeline with 400+ friends is another. A person shares something when it engages her emotionally. It may evoke feelings like fun, joy, anger, nostalgia among others. You can beg people to share your content, but how many do? And when something barely crosses the first circle, you can bet your bottom dollar that going viral is out of the question.

So remember, don’t focus on creating “viral content”. Focus, instead, on creating something awesome and engaging. Content which is not necessarily related to your product or service, but which touches an emotional cord with readers and viewers. Do something outrageous, which delights people; give them a reason to share what you’ve done or created. Then, dear friend, you will have done something which is worth reaching hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people across the globe.

This article originally appeared on Vishal’s blog