startup marketing fest - #SMF

Startup Marketing Fest – #SMF

Introducing Startup Marketing Fest (#SMF) by Google Business Group.
Nearly seven out of ten startups who talk to us have a single golden question – “How to get more customers?”.  Addressing this means we have helped a startup to grow, to scale, and to, perhaps, survive. #SMF was born out of this need.
startup marketing fest - #SMF
What is #SMF?

A daylong free event (seminar + workshop) to train startups in three major verticals:- Marketing, Sales and Analytics

For Who?
#SMF is for early stage startups. Both B2B and B2C. 25 early stage startups in a team of 2 can participate.

It will help participating startups to get hands-on experience to scale their business by deploying marketing methodologies and Growth Hacking techniques

What you’ll learn?
Creating communication plan, advertisements, media plan. sales model, pipeline building, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Google My Business.
How should you come prepared?
Be ready to articulate your marketing challenges and goal for next 6 months.
Who are the mentors?
We have carefully selected mentors who are doers and practitioners from their respective fields of marketing and advertising.
For Google My Business, we have Abhishek from Google Hyderabad as speaker / mentor.
How to get invited?
Request your invitation here 
Pilot #SMF is to be held on February 27th, Saturday at Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management, Bandra, Mumbai.